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Ware die Leere , der Lehre Wahre , Lehre ware das .

Exhibition/Film Program/Décor

Wednesday, January 11, 7 pm

Taking the exhibition Décor: A Conquest by Marcel Broodthaers, which was shown at ICA London in 1975 as a starting point, we are designing a production set, an exhibition, and a film program in the mumok cinema. We contacted M.B. in advance, and he noted that he was skeptical about the cinema as a readymade. He suggested giving the cinema its role and function back and transforming it into a décor. 

Ware die Leere , takes Décor: A Conquest as a script and translates it into the present. The production set is a display and an exhibition, a setting in which film works and several other (art) objects are shown, as props, as useful things, and as decoration. This leads to scenes, the presence and absence of spaces, the delivery and removal of an exhibition, the appropriation and the dismantling of a singular artistic position in the experiments and tests of a group.



Nikhil Vettukattil, Alienation, 2021, 12:38 min
Chris Marker, La Jetée, 1963, 28:07 min
Georgie Nettell, Reasons, 2022, 09:58 min

Nikhil Vettukattil will be present

A collaboration of the Academy of Fine Arts Munich / New Genres class, and the University of Applied Arts Vienna / Poster Session Is Back! A New A. B. C. seminar

New Genres class: Daniel Brunner, Laura Bücheler, Amelie Cha, Luca Daberto, Lisa Freundl, Maxi Friedl, Carolin Gut, Ferdinand Hudececk, Noi Inaba, Matthias Krügl, Maria Leister, Zoe Much, Florian Nöthe, Christina Quach, Alicia Rieke, Chalo Schwaiger, Nikita Schweizer, Milan Staiger, Hannah Sperandio, Isidora Stajic, Lily Tischer

A New A. B. C. seminar: Miriam Catherina Laura Schenkirz, Luise Lutz, Flurina Schneider, Johannes Kalchmair, Jan Hadler, Lina Marangattil

Concept: Johannes Porsch and Tanja Widmann


Nikhil Vettukattil is an artist and writer who lives and works in Oslo. Using a range of media such as sound, installation, performance, text, sculpture, and video, his practice questions modes of representation and image-making processes in their relation to lived experience and historical context. Forthcoming projects in 2023 include Camden Arts Centre, London, FELIX GAUDLITZ, Vienna, and Momentum 12 in Moss.

Johannes Porsch is an artist, curator, and author, and teaches at the University of Applied Arts Vienna Wien.

Tanja Widmann is an artist and author and teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich as professor for new genres in the field of art education.



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