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Due to renovation work, not all exhibition levels are accessible. Detailed information on the current exhibitions and admission prices can be found here.
Opening hours

Tuesday to Sunday

10 am to 6 pm

mumok library

mumok library

The mumok reference library is open to anyone interested in art.

It holds around 50,000 items that reflect the museum's collection. This allows in-depth exploration of modernist and contemporary art.
We facilitate research on site and provide attractive reading and work stations.

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View into the mumok library, on the left are large archive cabinets with books, in the middle a staircase leads up, on the right a gray cabinet

© mumok, Photo: Klaus Pichler

View into the mumok library, on the left large archive cabinets with books, in the middle a staircase to the upper floor, on the right gray cabinets and seating

© mumok, Photo: Klaus Pichler

Sitting area in the mumok library, light green armchairs grouped around a low table, a glass wall in the background and book displays in front of it

© mumok, Photo: Klaus Pichler

  Archive cabinets with books in the mumok library

© mumok, Photo: Klaus Pichler

View from the outside into the mumok library, through a glass wall you can see books and a light green seating area

© mumok, Photo: Klaus Pichler

The Library's Focus

  • Art of the 1960s and 1970s
  • Art magazines
  • Literature on art discourse today
  • Artists' books
  • Audiovisual material on the mumok program

Service is Important for Us

  • Individual advice
  • Search our collection online via the mumok website (OPAC)
  • Reserve media
  • Photocopying facilities
  • Focused materials for teaching purposes
  • Cooperation on projects for young researchers in schools

In November 2013 the mumok library was successfully audited by AKMB (Art and Museums Libraries Working Group) and holds a quality certification issued by the Humboldt University Berlin.

Online Library Catalog

Find the WebOpac of mumok library here.


Opening Hours

Tuesday through Thursday: 10 am–4 pm


Dr. Simone Moser, MSc
Head of the mumok library
T: +43-1-525 00-1415
F: +43 1 52500-1300 

Martha Horvath
Exchange of Literature
T: +43-1-525 00-1416
F: +43 1 52500-1300