mumok is closed until June 6, 2024 for renovation work.

All information about the renovation project and our alternative program can be found here.



7.6.2024 to 22.9.2024

Avant-Garde and Liberation
Contemporary Art and Decolonial Modernism

7.6.2024 to 1.8.2025

Jongsuk Yoon

Artist Portrait, Jongsuk Yoon in front of her work Sun and Moon
Work by Robert Indiana in black and white, the word LOVE can be read in different directions
5.7.2024 to 1.2.2026

Mapping the 60s
Art Histories from the mumok Collections

5.7.2024 to 11.8.2024

nowhere / now here
A Performance Festival

Black and white photograph of two people standing in front of a block of flats and raising their hands in the air
dancing people
29.8.2024 to 27.10.2024

Nikima Jagudajev

19.10.2024 to 23.2.2025

Medardo Rosso
Inventing Modern Sculpture

Two mixed media performing sculptures enact a computer controlled 6 minute drama which includes movement, song, the transformation of sound to light, and a laser display
15.11.2024 to 4.5.2025

Liliane Lijn
Arise Alive