mumok is closed until June 6, 2024 for renovation work.

All information about the renovation project and our alternative program can be found here.



In einer Schneekugel befindet sich eine bunte Kuststoffigur in Form einer Fledermaus mit pinkem Schnee.
26.10.2023 to 7.1.2024

Benoît Piéron
Monstera deliciosa

5.5.2023 to 7.1.2024

Elisabeth Wild
Imagination Factory 

Colourful, semi-circular walls in pastel colours, with colourful collages in A4 format on them
Dried grasses stand in the exhibition room, a screen with a red image can be seen in the background
5.5.2023 to 8.10.2023

Agnes Fuchs
Her Eyes Were Green

31.3.2023 to 7.1.2024

Adam Pendleton
Blackness, White, and Light

View of an exhibition by Adam Pendleton, with black and white abstract artworks hanging on the walls
Artistic installation in the form of a chessboard with colourful cardboard figures on it
15.3.2023 to 7.1.2024

All the Art World’s a Stage

26.11.2023 to 10.4.2023

mixed up with others before we even begin

 A large-format sculpture is placed in the exhibition space in front of an elongated window. Various coloured fabrics and structures hang down from it.
A piano in the showroom, almost overgrown by many plants from the left, more plants hanging from the ceiling.
8.10.2022 to 16.4.2023

Emília Rigová

Nane Oda Lavutaris / Who will play for me?

8.10.2022 to 29.1.2023


A bright exhibition space in which several works of art can be seen: on the right, a yellow and red cloth hangs loosely from the white wall, suspended at two ends. Two black sculptures in the back corner, a yellow abstract painting on the left. A wooden bench can be seen in the foreground.
Eine überdimensionierte Spinne mit sechs Beinen aus blauem Kustfell. Dahinter weitere Kunstwerke.
22.9.2022 to 26.2.2023

The Animal Within

Creatures in (and outside) the mumok Collection 

2.7.2022 to 6.11.2022


 a bright exhibition space with various works of art in different sizes and shapes
Six black and white pictures hang on a white wall above a white display case
2.6.2022 to 21.8.2022

“nominated …“
Vordemberge-Gildewart Award 2022

20.5.2022 to 25.9.2022

Jesse Stecklow

Four white pedestals are lined up one behind the other in the exhibition space. Various sculptures with corncobs are placed on them. In the background are two bales of straw on the floor.
A person looks at the photographs on the white wall. In front of them is a black bench in the centre of the room.
27.11.2021 to 28.8.2022

Wolfgang Tillmans

Sound is Liquid

27.11.2021 to 8.5.2022

Huang Po-Chih

Blue Elephant 

blue shirts on a clothes rail on the right, black and white photographs of people in the background on the left, a wooden box in front
white wall with almost 15 small graphics and paintings, some of which show lettering, such as the exhibition title Enjoy
19.6.2021 to 28.8.2022

Enjoy - The mumok Collection in change

19.6.2021 to 17.10.2021

Heimo Zobernig

 A figurative sculpture is inserted into a black bookshelf. Behind it are pictures in neon colours.
 Photo of a corridor in the museum, on the right a white wall on which a picture of a wooden box hangs slightly overhanging, on the left in the background you can see a door leading into the staircase
8.7.2021 to 17.10.2021

Ane Mette Hol
Becoming (working title)

30.11.2018 to 7.1.2024

Friedrich Kiesler

Endless House