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Online Tours & Artist Talks

Online Tours and Artist Talks

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Our online tours and artist talks bring you closer to current and past exhibitions and enable you to visit the museum digitally.

Artist Portrait

Benoît Piéron
Monstera deliciosa

October 26, 2023 to January 7, 2024

Benoît Piéron’s artistic practice is informed by a lifelong history of illness, with his childhood having been mostly spent in hospital. He deals in his work with how sick bodies are treated by the medical profession and by society as well as his own experiences of waiting and uncertainty, of care and intimacy.

In this video portrait, Benoît Piéron talks about his exhibition at mumok.

Online tour in German and Austrian Sign Language

Elisabeth Wild
Imagination Factory

In this guided tour in German and Austrian Sign Language, Lisa Sträter, Head of the Registry, and Elke Schaumberger, Austrian Sign Language interpreter, guide us through the exhibition Elisabeth Wild. Imagination Factory, which was on display at mumok from May 5th 2023 to January 7th 2024 and was curated by Marianne Dobner.

Online Tour with Marianne Dobner and Mikki Muhr

Elisabeth Wild
Imagination Factory

May 5, 2023 to January 7, 2024

The turbulent biography of Elisabeth Wild reads like a recap of the twentieth century. Marked by flight and displacement, national identification and disidentification, her life seemed constantly to hit the reset button. This is not least evident in her oeuvre, which is highly diverse in terms of the media she used—including painting, sculpture, and textile design as well as collages and subsequent installations. mumok presents her first retrospective exhibition, turning the spotlight on her late works as well as her previously unknown early works.

Curator Marianne Dobner and art educator Mikki Muhr give a video tour of the artist's first comprehensive retrospective, which focuses on her late work as well as her unknown early work. Video in German. 

Online Tour with Agnes Fuchs and Christian Höller

Agnes Fuchs
Her Eyes Were Green

May 5 to October 8, 2023

Agnes Fuchs employs painting, videos, and installations as means to reconfigure the scientific and technological instruments and processes that paved the way for contemporary digital technologies. Operating instructions, functional descriptions, and manuals for oscilloscopes, computers, power supply units, or measuring devices serve as the departure point for her work.

In the video, artist Agnes Fuchs and Christian Höller, author and editor of springerin magazine, guide you through the exhibition Agnes Fuchs. Her Eyes Were Green. Video in German.

Artist Talk

Emília Rigová
Nane Oda Lavutaris / Who Will Play for Me?

October 8, 2022 to April 16, 2023

Artist Emília Rigová deals with the history as well as the contemporary experiences of the Rom*nja. In her exhibition Nane Oda Lavutaris / Who Will Play for Me?, which can be seen at mumok until April 16, 2023, living plants play a central role alongside self-playing pianos and notes carved in stone. They refer to the origins and migration routes of the Rom*nja, while the fragmentary melodies recall their musical tradition and also historical suffering.

In our new video Emília Rigová talks about her artistic work and her exhibition at mumok.

Artist Talk

Jesse Stecklow

May 20 to September 25, 2022

The collection, analysis, and circulation of ecological data, often invisible to the human eye, is at the core of Jesse Stecklow’s artistic practice. The Los Angeles-based artist (b. 1993) works with a precisely defined repertoire of objects that oscillate between image, text and sound. His sculptures enter into a dialogue with their surrounding environment, effectively confusing the boundaries of the work.

In the video, Jesse Stecklow talks about his work and his exhibition at mumok.

Online Tour with Wolfgang Tillmans and Matthias Michalka

Wolfgang Tillmans
Sound is Liquid

November 27, 2021 to August 28, 2022

Wolfgang Tillmans talks to curator Matthias Michalka about some of the works in his current exhibition Sound is Liquid and tells us how his images were created. Tillmans explains the meaning of the titles of his photographs and what they have to do with spices. In conversation, he talks about sensual experiences while eating and about his enthusiasm for astronomy and outer space. Wolfgang Tillmans also talks about his current album Moon in Earthlight and the importance of music and sounds for his work as a photographer.