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cover john skoog värn

John Skoog

Catalogue accompanying the exhibition John Skoog. VÄRN. Baloise Art Prize 2014

Jenni Tischer

Catalogue accompanying the exhibition Jenni Tischer. Pin

Josef Dabernig

Reader accompanying the exhibition Josef Dabernig. Rock the Void


Catalogue accompanying the exhibition COSIMA VON BONIN. HIPPIES USE SIDE DOOR. THE YEAR 2014 HAST LOST THE PLOT

and Materials and Money and Crisis

Reader accompanying the exhibition and Materials and Money and Crisis

Marge Monko

Catalogue accompanying the exhibition. With a conversation between Marge Monko and Rael Artel and an article by Rainer Fuchs

Simon Denny

Book accompanying the exhibition Simon Denny. The Personal Effects of Kim Dotcom

Albert Oehlen

Artist's book accompanying the exhibition Albert Oehlen. Malerei

Franz West

Catalogue accompanying the exhibition Franz West. Where is my Eight?