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Dóra Maurer

Thinking in Proportion

Wednesday, May 20, 2015, 19:00

A sheet is folded a total of seven times, each time with one more folding process included. Each resulting grid corresponds to the projection format of a 16mm film which is exactly the measurement of the length of Dóra Maurer’s outstretched arms: Timing — a conceptual and visually vivid key work of structural film. The filmic recording apparatus and its synesthetic possibilities represent a core concern of Maurer’s film work. Inter-Images 1-3 investigates the filmic techniques of masking while Triolets plumbs the depths of sequences of movement by means of lens changes and focuses on variations of the perceptual threshold in the context of sound. Maurer’s visually forceful image and sound work also leads to abstraction: Kalah transposes an old Arab game into a visual music piece; Relative Schwingungen uses recording processes to create a composition of light and music.

Film Program

Dóra Maurer
Timing / Idömérés, 1973/1980, 10 min
Learned Perfunctorily Movements / Angelernte unwillkürliche Bewegungen, 1973, 9 min
Inter-Images 1-3, 1989/1990, 17 min
Triolets / Triolák, 1980/1981, 12 min
Relative Swingings / Relative Schwingungen, 1973/1975, 10 min
Kalah, 1980, 10 min

Presented by Dóra Maurer and Dietmar Schwärzler.

Dóra Maurer lives in Budapest and Vienna. She is a filmmaker, graphic artist and painter. In addition to international awards she was the recipient of a work grant for Vienna in 1967, the Austrian federal government’s scholarship for visual art in 1987 and in 1989 an Austrian work grant for film. Various teaching posts in Hungary. Frequent participation in international exhibitions.

Dietmar Schwärzler lives in Vienna and is a curator, film and media educationalist and a member of the staff of sixpackfilm.

The Galerie Stadtpark ( in Krems is presenting the exhibition, MANY A TIME – DÓRA MAURER, from 28 March to 30 May,2015.

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