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David Lieske

Platoon (RL-X)

Thursday, February 12, 2015 to Sunday, June 14, 2015

From February to June 2015, mumok showed a solo exhibition by the German artist David Lieske (born 1979 in Hamburg). Entitled Platoon (RL-X), this exhibition addressed the close connection between legend and work and between the person and the product of the artist. It was the central premise of this exhibition that the artist and the work stand in a complex relationship to each other, and that today the borders between life and work are fluid. The exhibition focused on Lieske’s autobiography in book form, I tried to make this work, in which he tells the story of his life in an idealized retrospective. The text is based on conversations over several weeks recorded by the author Ingo Niermann and was translated into English by Michael Ladner. The book was presented in an edition of 300 copies, as an autobiographical sketch that could only be read on site, and under heightened security, relating to the specific conditions of its commission and production and also its connection to a specific location and situation.

In the course of describing his own life, Lieske also presented the social network within which he operates. He is a co-founder of the record label Dial Records, and artist and manager at the Mathew Gallery. From his extended circle of friends, he invited the Villa Design Group, which is represented by his gallery, to create a parallel architectural intervention within the mumok Ludwig Goes Pop exhibition. By extending into this exhibition, Lieske’s show demonstrated the afterlife and ubiquitous role of Pop Art in contemporary art.

Curated by Barbara Rüdiger

Accompanying Program