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Benoît Piéron

Monstera deliciosa

October 26, 2023 to January 14, 2024

Benoît Piéron’s artistic practice is informed by his lifelong experience with illness and a childhood largely spent in hospitals. In his work, he addresses the medical and social treatment of sick bodies, experiences of waiting and uncertainty, care and intimacy. When, for instance, he patchworks recycled hospital bedsheets to make blankets, flags, pillows, and plush bats (psychopomps or “soul guides”), sensuous bodies replace the rigid infrastructure of the hospital, lending “plasticity” to illness, as the artist puts it. By drawing parallels between skin and fabric, between medical sutures and sewing, Piéron makes artwork out of individual stories, reclaiming the ailing body from the hands of medicine.

Curated by Manuela Ammer