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Recognize and Pursue. Harun Farocki Series (1)

Harun Farocki & Filmkritik. Productions for Television Based on a Journal

Wednesday, March 29, 2017, 19:00

July 30, 2017, is the third anniversary of Harun Farocki’s passing. To keep his work as a filmmaker and artist, and as an author and teacher, alive and also to make it available (anew) as a resource to a younger generation, Sabeth Buchmann and Constanze Ruhm, in cooperation with Jens Kastner, have devised a comprehensive series of lectures and events. As teachers, whose approach is close to Farocki’s own thinking and practice, Buchmann, Ruhm, and Kastner wish to readdress his work in film and as an author by focusing on his teaching activities. This relates to his highly influential role as a professor for film and art from 2004 to 2011 at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Farocki’s students profited greatly from his film analysis, with its accomplished use of film and media theory and political reflection; as did the interested general public that came to his screenings of his own films and of the films of others. In this sense, this program of events entitled Recognize and Pursue (relating to Farocki’s Erkennen und Verfolgen from 2003) which will take place within the auspices of a lecture series of the same name at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, will focus on Farocki’s profound interest in the relationships between image and politics and between practice and theory. It was not least Farocki’s own approach to teaching that made him a key influence on a young generation of artists and authors in particular in the field of documentary film.

Guests include Michael Baute (March, 29), Christine Lang (May 31), Thomas Elsaesser (June 14), and Sezgin Boynik (June 21). They will each compile and present a film program with a focus on a specific question connected with the work of Harun Farocki.

Lectures series at The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna: Jens Kastner (March 7), Antje Ehmann, Sabeth Buchmann, and Constanze Ruhm (March 14), Volker Pantenburg (March 21), Michael Baute (March 28), Tom Holert (April 4), Filipa César (May 2), Christa Blümlinger (May 9), Thomas Heise (May 16), Maren Grimm (May 23), Christine Lang (May 30), Diedrich Diederichsen (June 13), Sezgin Boynik (June 20).

Conceived by Sabeth Buchmann and Constanze Ruhm, in cooperation with Jens Kastner and the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

From 1974 to 1984 Harun Farocki worked as an author and editor for Filmkritik, a publication which created an aesthetic and political context that went beyond the texts published there and led to a large number of contributions for television. This program will present three of these works. In Die Arbeit mit Bildern (The Struggle with Images, 1974), Farocki creates a form of exemplary critique of established television feature aesthetics. Über “Song of Ceylon” von Basil Wright (About “Song of Ceylon” by Basil Wright; 1975) looks back at the history of (documentary) film, deriving models for a more complex depiction of reality from this. The joint production Kino 83: Robert Bressons Film “Das Geld” (“L’Argent”) (“L’Argent” by Bresson; 1983) presents different ways of talking about film in the form of a round dance.


Harun Farocki, Die Arbeit mit Bildern. Eine Telekritik von Harun Farocki, 1974, 45 min
Harun Farocki, Telekritik: Über „Song of Ceylon“ von Basil Wright, 1975, 30 min
Hartmut Bitomsky, Manfred Blank, Jürgen Ebert, Harun Farocki, Gaby Körner, Barbara Schlungbaum, Melanie Walz, Kino 83: Robert Bressons Film „Das Geld“ („L’Argent“), 1983, 30 min

Presented by Michael Baute

Michael Baute lives in Berlin. He is an author, teacher, media worker, and curator. In 2001 he co-founded the weblog new filmkritik. In 2006 he was co-editor (with Volker Pantenburg) of Minutentexte. The Night of the Hunter. In 2008–2009 he was artistic director of the project Kunst der Vermittlung. Aus den Archiven des Filmvermittelnden Films, which explored the research, collecting, and dissemination of audiovisual forms of film and cinema education. Since 2010 he has been teaching and holding workshops at universities and art academies.

Event note: on March 28 at 6pm, Michael Baute is holding a lecture at The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Schillerplatz 3, 1010 Vienna, room M13a.

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