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Due to renovation work, not all exhibition levels are accessible. Detailed information on the current exhibitions and admission prices can be found here.
Opening hours

Tuesday to Sunday

10 am to 6 pm

July 11 to August 11, 2024

ImPulsTanz 2024
Program at mumok

ImPulsTanz 2024

For the first time, mumok developed a performance festival with ImPulsTanz titled nowhere / now here curated by Marianne Dobner (mumok) and Christine Standfest (ImPulsTanz). The title connects historical film material with a live program: What is created in one instance disappears in the next, only to reappear in a different medium elsewhere.

The festival begins at mumok with Glitch Choir by Deva Schubert. Eszter Salamon brings two live performances, Dance for Nothing (revisited) and MONUMENT 0.7: M/OTHERS, offering a new version of her homage to John Cage and a duet with her mother, from her series on a different culture of remembrance. Davi Pontes and Wallace Ferreira return with Repertório N2, extending their trilogy on dance as Black self-defense with Repertório N3. Geumhyung Jeong transforms her works into an equally uncanny choreography of the singular body, while Dana Michel meditates on the (un)fortunes of a workday with strange humour. Trajal Harrell speculates with full affect on the kinship between Butoh legend Tatsumi Hijikata and one of the greats of Afro-American choreography, Katherine Dunham. Ian Kaler's installation develops an emphatic dance between past and present memories, time levels, and moments.

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