mumok is closed until June 6, 2024 for renovation work.

All information about the renovation project and our alternative program can be found here.

Renovation 2024

Renovation 2024

Continuous operation since 2001 and changes in technical requirements for running a modern museum have made it necessary to carry out fundamental renovations at mumok. In recent years, it was possible to keep the museum open for business during some of our modernization measures. For example in 2021, when mumok was certified as a Green Museum with the Austrian Ecolabel as well as the lighting system being converted to LED in all areas of the museum and the entire security system updated. 

The work and modifications still to be implemented include renewing the entire ventilation system, flooring, and walls in all exhibition areas, humidity remediation, modernizing fire protection, and renovating washroom facilities. 

To avoid any risk to visitors or artworks, this extensive work has to take place outside of day-to-day business operations. It will be carried out in a closely coordinated process so that it is completed quickly, thus saving on resources and costs, and sustainably.


Ventilation system
Renovating the ventilation system is designed to optimize the air conditioning at various points throughout the museum. On the one hand, it is necessary, due to the system’s age, to replace certain components and update the technology; on the other, energy consumption is to be significantly reduced via intelligent adaptation. By integrating new ventilators and the addition of a sorption wheel for moisture recovery as well as volume-flow valves for air-conditioning on a room-by-room basis, we aim to save on the energy for heating and cooling. Moreover, it will be possible to save up to 80 tons of drinking water per year.


Washroom facilities
Refurbishing the washroom facilities will not only revitalize the area and erase over twenty years of wear and tear but has also been based on concepts of sustainability. The fixtures and fittings will be equipped with water-saving technology, in order to further save valuable drinking water. In addition, the museum is already preparing for the forthcoming EU Drinking Water Directive as well as new hygiene standards. This means flushing the building’s water pipes using automatic valves to reduce the risk of legionella as much as possible, thus safeguarding our visitors.


Fire prevention
The technology used in fire prevention is being updated to the latest standards for the safety of visitors, employees, and the artworks. New automatic fire doors as well as fire doors featuring alarm fittings will be installed on all levels, in order to enable the easiest possible escape from the building in the unlikely event of an emergency.


Renovation of the flooring and existing walls

Decades of visitor activity has necessitated a renovation of the terrazzo flooring in the exhibition areas and foyer. Fractures and chips will be repaired and discoloration restored, with approx. 5,000 m² stripped, chemically crystalized, polished, and thus reconditioned as new. 

To increase the stability of the walls and thus improve the security of the objects, the existing facing will be newly paneled and a flat and clean surface created for future exhibitions. 


Further planned works in the basement levels will be completed by fall 2024. All measures will as a matter of course be implemented under the tenet of sustainability and the optimal preservation of resources. 


The costs for these essential renovations amount to around 6 million euros and are being financed by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, Civil Service, and Sport.