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Due to renovation work, not all exhibition levels are accessible. Detailed information on the current exhibitions and admission prices can be found here.

Tuesday to Sunday

10 am to 6 pm

Thursday, June 6, 7 pm

Re-Opening & Party
Avant-Garde and Liberation & Jongsuk Yoon

mumok Re-Opening 2024

mumok is back!

To mark the reopening after the renovation, we invite you to the opening of the exhibition Avant-Garde and Liberation. Contemporary Art and Decolonial Modernism on June 6 at 7 pm. At the same time the large wall work by artist Jongsuk Yoon in the foyer of mumok will be unveiled. Following this, we will celebrate the opening with the party nothing new under the sun curated by Tonica Hunter, including performances by Miriam Adefris, Dalia Ahmed, and Tmnit Ghide, and visuals by Jarrod Caranto.

Program on June 6th, 7 PM


Karola Kraus, General Director, mumok

On the Exhibition Avant-Garde and Liberation 
Christian Kravagna, Curator and Professor of Postcolonial Studies, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Theresia Niedermüller, Head of the Art and Culture Section

nothing new under the sun curated by Tonica Hunter 
Featuring performances by Miriam Adefris, Dalia Ahmed, and Tmnit Ghide Visuals by Jarrod Caranto


Free admission!

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Omar Ba, Clin d'œil à Cheikh Anta DiopUn continent à la recherche de son histoire, 2017
Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Templon, New York / Paris / Brussels © Adagp, Paris, 2024

Artist Portrait, Jongsuk Yoon in front of her work Sun and Moon

Artist Portrait, Jongsuk Yoon in front of her work Sun and Moon, 2020
Nordiska Akvarellmuseet, Skärhamn
Photo: Kalle Sanner
© Nordiska Akvarellmuseet 
Courtesy the artist and Galerie nächst St. Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwälder, Wien  


The exhibition Avant-Garde and Liberation (June 7 to September 22) presents works by artists from South Asia, Africa, Europe, and America and highlights the significance of global modernity for contemporary art and explores the motives that lead contemporary artists to draw on liberationist avant-gardes in India, Africa, and the "Black Atlantic."

Simultaneously with the opening exhibition, the large wall work by Korean artist Jongsuk Yoon will be unveiled in the foyer of mumok. Yoon's delicate painterly approach to Kumgangsan, the border mountains between North and South Korea, serves as a bridge between Western and Southeast Asian painting traditions.



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We aim at organising the event according to the Austrian Ecolabel for Green Events.

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