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Tuesday to Sunday

10 am to 6 pm

June 19 through October 17, 2021

Heimo Zobernig

Heimo Zobernig

Painting, along with sculpture, film, performance, and design, is a central component of the intermedia art of Heimo Zobernig. Since the beginning of his artistic practice
in the early 1980s, the artist has built up a comprehensive painterly oeuvre, always based on his attempt to explore color like a “scientist”. Thus, in Zobernig’s work, painting has become a machine for the creation of insight. Characteristics of the artist’s method in this context are strategies of simplification, standardization, and systematization using predefined rules and the artistic appropriation of industrial norms and widespread samples (such as TV test patterns).

After mumok’s presentation of the consistent and yet utter multifaceted development of the internationally renown Austrian artist in a first retrospective show in winter 2002/2003, this one will place its emphasis on Zobernig’s extended concept of paintings with select recent groups of works. 

Curated by Karola Kraus

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Published on June 19, 2021