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mumok Scratch Lab

Creative Coding. For children from 6 to 13 years

The mumok Scratch Lab is a special and contemporary way of digital engagement with art. Children learn programming in a playful way, discover new technologies as an artistic tool, create their own digital artworks and develop important media skills. Through programming, we dive into the history of art and culture with our course participants and explore together how our world came into being. Our collection is the ideal playground for this: By appealing to the creative potential of our young visitors, we awaken their curiosity to actively engage with modern and contemporary art and to experience it as part of their everyday lives.

We use Scratch, a free and visual open-source computer language developed at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA) by the Life Long Kindergarten Group specifically to introduce young people to the world of programming and taught at Harvard and Berkeley universities, for example. Scratch offers almost limitless creative possibilities: Images, music and text are easily combined with the help of the computer language.

No programming knowledge or art experience necessary!

    The Scratch programming language is a free and visual open-resource computer language.
    The courses, which are held online, take place via Zoom. We will send you the Zoom link with all access data a few days before the course.
    For the online courses you need either:
    - a PC or laptop (you can open Scratch and Zoom simultaneously on your PC and laptop).
    - a tablet or I-Pad and a smartphone (if you are working with a tablet / I-Pad, please open Scratch on your tablet or I-Pad and Zoom on your smartphone).
    Furthermore, for the online courses you need a stable internet connection as well as a webcam and microphone (usually these are integrated in the computer).

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