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mumok editions

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mumok Edition
Loretta Fahrenholz
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Foto: mumok / Claudia Rohrauer

Loretta Fahrenholz, Untitled, 2018
C-Print, gerahmt
Edition: 7 unique pieces
€ 900,00

Loretta Fahrenholz questions the fictions and staged realities of our mediatised society through her photographs and films. Her works focus on individuals whose actions are shaped by social or economic pressures, and whose group behavior reflects the anxieties and dynamics of our present time.
On the occasion of her solo exhibition Small Habit Revolution, the artist created an edition in which she revisits the idea of her multipart slide installation Story in Reverse. The literary source for this work is Ilse Aichinger's Spiegelgeschichte, a central feminist piece from the 1940s, which narrates the tragically failed life of a young woman in reverse, from death back to birth. By reversing the course of life, the chronology and causality of reality are structurally subverted.
Loretta Fahrenholz commissioned various female graphic artists through an online service platform to freely interpret Aichinger's short story through drawings and comics. The results intertwine images, stories, and temporal structures, blending ambivalent tragedy, pop-cultural styles, and virtuality. They reflect the experiences and imaginations of a generation shaped by the internet.
Loretta Fahrenholz, born in Leipzig in 1981, is one of the emerging talents in the realm of film, performance, and audiovisual installations. Her works can be found in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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