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mumok Edition
Flaka Haliti
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© Flaka Haliti

Flaka Haliti, I Miss You, I Miss You, ‘Till I Don‘t Miss You Anymore, 2014
Series of 3 offset prints on Munken G-Print, 250 g/m²
23.4 x 16.5″
Edition: 150 + 20 AP
€ 250,00

Flaka Haliti, the winner of the Henkel Art.Award. 2013, refers to her experiences as a border-crosser between different countries and cultures in her sociocultural and media analytical works. The artist, born in 1982, lives and works in both her hometown of Pristina and in Munich and Vienna. The edition I Miss You, I Miss You, Till I Don't Miss You Anymore was created in a reference to a video installation that was shown in Flaka Haliti’s solo exhibition I See a Face. Do You See a Face at mumok in 2014. In her work, she explores the interpersonal relationship of proximity and distance under the conditions of mediatization, specifically in the context of long-distance relationships in the internet. Flaka Haliti has collected her own intimate relationship emails as well as messages from her acquaintances. The lovers and, thus, the authors of the letters suffered from the separation, with the beloved being far away, their reunion postponed to the future, or even lost forever. The text fragments from the three stages of falling in love, being in love, and falling out of love were translated into the universal pop-cultural language of English using Google Translate, they appear familiar, more or less clichéd. There is no longer any distinction between whispered words of love or words of conflict. Flaka Haliti deciphers the status of each relationship message using a self-defined color code. For instance, red corresponds to obsessive passion, while gray signifies distance and rejection.

Signed and numbered