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Vienna Pride at mumok

Guided Tours and Film Screening

June 1 to 12, 2022

Between June 1 and 12, the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) community celebrates Vienna Pride and mumok is part of it. Six guided tours and a film screening are all about equality, visibility and strong togetherness.

On June 1, curator for art education Jörg Wolfert will lead a WELCOME VIENNA PRIDE tour through the exhibition Wolfgang Tillmans. Sound is Liquid. The exhibition by Wolfgang Tillmans is also the focus of an English-language guided tour on site and a short digital tour on Facebook on June 6.
Artist and art educator Mikki Muhr will speak at a special edition of Feministisch Betrachtet on June 6 about artists who realize feminist/queer views in their work and overcome patriarchal, heteronomous regulations. On June 8, Mikki Muhr hosts a poetry recital followed by a discussion with poet JG Danso.
On June 9, artist and art educator Ivan Jurica will lead a tour of Wolfgang Tillmans' exhibition, addressing Tillmans' provocative staging of the queer scene and his queer view of the world. Under the motto Queering the museum, historian Andreas Brunner and mumok curator for art education Jörg Wolfert will also guide visitors through Sound is Liquid and talk in detail about individual works by Wolfgang Tillmans.
The art educators Mikki Muhr and Helene Heiß will bid farewell to Vienna Pride with a Zoom tour for all those at home and will offer a virtual opportunity for questions and discussion.

On June 9, the film Dramarama by Jonathan Wysocki will be shown at the mumok cinema. The nostalgic and funny coming-of-age drama is about young Gene who wants to come out in a sheltered, Christian environment in 1990s California.

All details and booking options for the Vienna Pride program at mumok can be found below.


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