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Saturday, October 04, 2014, 20:30

Cosima von Bonin sees sound and music as key components of her works. She is a talented networker and always includes artist friends from other disciplines in her exhibition projects. Her circle of collaborators is continually growing. The kick-off of her retrospective show at mumok will include a band that has been at her side for more than ten years now: “the least embarrassing, stylistically most convincing, and most polite of all German bands” (Die Welt) – Tocotronic. On October 4, 2014, at 8.30 pm, the four musicians that make up Tocotronic will be giving their only concert in Austria in 2014, in Vienna. 

The band Tocotronic goes back twenty years, and has made ten albums. In Vienna they will be including songs from their anniversary album, Wie wir leben wollen—How We Want to Live. One of this musical epic’s seventeen songs is Neue Zonen, a homage to Cosima von Bonin. While the self-avowed “plush lovers” pay their respects to the artist, she returns the compliment with artful kisses she blows at these young men—even if they have meanwhile grown out of the training jackets of their youth.

Since 2000, von Bonin and the head of the Hamburg band, Dirk von Lowtzow, have been exchanging ideas and working together. They frequently refer to each other’s work, quote each other, and produce for each other. Cosima von Bonin had designed several album covers for Dirk von Lowtzow’s second band, Phantom Ghost, one in the shape of a giant mobile entitled Thrown out of Drama School (2008), which was made for the cover of the record of the same name. For Phantom Ghost’s appearance at the Berlin Foreign Affairs festival on July 7, 2014, von Bonin has designed the stage set. And singer-songwriter von Lowtzow writes texts about von Bonin’s realm of stuffed animals, and again and again makes appearances in different roles in the Cologne artist’s exhibition programs.

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