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Lisa Hinterreithner with Rotraud Kern


Thursday, July 20, 2017, 21:00

Perhaps a member of the audience will be gently wrapped in a blanket, thus becoming a “fixed piece” for a little while, maybe a piece of fabric will get a move on and one of the performers might just turn into a mirror head. The overall situation in the artfully artificial world of Do-Undo remains indeterminate. Voices coming from Dictaphones give orders, tinfoil rustles, cymbals ring. The piece is a continuation of choreographer Lisa Hinterreithner’s work with Martina Ruhsam on Scripted Situations. Together with performer Rotraud Kern, she conjures up a “speculative community”, while the audience is gently drawn into their intentions. With wit, feeling, empathy and a fondness for the paradox, fabrics are turned into playgrounds and the smallest of occurrences are scattered to trigger associations.

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Free admission with valid exhibition ticket