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Fear forward

Dries Verhoeven talks to Silke Felber, Leander Gussmann, and Alois Martin

Sunday, May 13, 2018, 17:00


Dries Verhoeven, Phobiarama, Foto: Willem Popelier

Where there is fear, there is something to be had. Mining basic feelings: This discussion aims to examine that ambivalent thrill of fear in language and game. 

Dries Verhoeven’s Phobiarama, a ghost train that takes us on a ride past things that haunt us and society’s new fears, can be visited at the Vorplatz of the MuseumsQuartier from 11 to 15 and 17 to 22 May.

Dries Verhoeven is a theatre maker and visual artist whose oeuvre includes installations, performances and happenings in museums and public spaces. In recent years, the main inspiration for his socio-political projects has been the rapidly spreading atmosphere of crisis and the impact of digital media on interpersonal relationships.

Silke Felber is a theatre and cultural scientist. After working in the theatre business for several years and obtaining her doctorate in 2013, she subsequently worked as a research assistant at the Elfriede Jelinek Research Platform. As a holder of the Austrian Science Fund’s Hertha Firnberg scholarship, she is currently doing research and lecturing at the Institute for Theatre, Film and Media Studies at the University of Vienna.

Leander Gussmann is an art and cultural scientist. He lives and works in Vienna.

Dr. Christoph-Alois Martin, born in Bayern, with studies in Munich, Fribourg and a PhD in theology about the significance of public opinion in the revolution of 1848. He worked as an assistant for the chair of church history in Fribourg, at the research institute for philosophy in Hannover and as a journalist in Munich. Together with a french-swiss research team, Dr. Christoph-Alois Martin is the publisher of correspondences of the 19th century. He lives in Vienna for fifteen years, where he is rector of  the Malteser church and priest in Mailberg (Lower Austria).

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