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David Jourdan

Westphalie Verlag

Thursday, June 23, 2016, 18:00


Cover spread of David Jourdan, Untitled (Ritournelle), with drawings by Ivy Komenda, 2 yo.

Westphalie Verlag is an artist-run publishing imprint addressing language, Pig Latin, culinary critique, post-conceptual poetry, Alt Lit, editorial aesthetics and shmoos. Twenty titles have been released since 2007 including Cosima Rainer (Ed.), Vogelsbergeriana - 20 Jahre Galerie der Stadt Schwaz / Johannes Porsch. Project Proposal #8. Selective Memory Series*, David Jourdan (Ed.), Eight Years or Elfriede Jelinek, Gesammelte Gedichte / Poésies complètes, and another three are currently at different levels of completion, including an artist's book by Tanja Widmann.

In presence of David Jourdan, Maximilian Geymüller and Tanja Widmann

The series has been established by the artists Lisa Holzer and David Jourdan in 2007 and is run solely by David Jourdan since 2015. Westphalie is based in Vienna.

Admission free

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