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Capitalist Anger (on Screen)

Wednesday, April 06, 2016, 19:00

The exhibition Prosperous Poison puts forward a reordering of the mumok collection through the concepts and movements that underlie the discussion of art after 1945 – between postwar experience and capitalist realism. The exhibition is structured in five chapters as a narrative that brings to light the cultural, social, political, and economic developments and discourses that influenced the works and their collection history. The screening serves as an epilogue for chapter 5 Taking Care: Capitalistic Yoga and Anger Issues, which ranges from unambiguous critiques of capitalism to parodies of them. If you have been wanting to see marxism today (prologue) by Phil Collins for a long time, then this is your chance. Theatrical highlights like these are not to be missed. The Trainee by Pilvi Takala and Stealing Beauty by Guy Ben Ner both pose really impertinent questions, and aim to keep you on the edge of your seat. Are you still exploring your own artistic medium? Test Tube by General Idea may or may not give you a hint.

Film Program

Phil Collins, marxism today (prologue), 2010, 35 min
Pilvi Takala, The Trainee, 2008, 14 min
Cana Bilir-Meier, Lisa Käppler, Liesa Kovacs, NORA, 2014, 11 min
Guy Ben-Ner, Stealing Beauty, 2009, 18 min
General Idea, Test Tube, 1979, 28 min

Presented by Jannik Franzen, Ipek Hamzaoğlu & Alain Volpe, members of the curatorial team of the exhibition Prosperous Poison.

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