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Adam Pendleton. Blackness, White, and Light


Thursday, March 30, 2023, 7 pm


Adam Pendleton, Untitled (WE ARE NOT), 2022,
Courtesy der Künstler / the artist und / and Galerie Eva Presenhuber
© Adam Pendleton

mumok will present a comprehensive solo exhibition of the New York-based artist Adam Pendleton, who is known for large-scale paintings, drawings, videos and sculptures, many of them motivated by Black Dadahis visual project and ever-evolving inquiry into the relationships between Blackness, abstraction, and the avant-garde. Using letters, words, drips, splatters, sprays, and collected images as primary materials, Pendleton’s work functions as a kind of continuous writing, in which language and gestural marks are continuously recorded, transposed, and overwrittenchallenging the very notion of legibility.


Program starting at 7 pm

Karola Kraus, General Director, mumok

On the Exhibition
Marianne Dobner, Curator, mumok

with sparkling wine by Kattus


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