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Due to renovation work, not all exhibition levels are accessible. Detailed information on the current exhibitions and admission prices can be found here.

Currently closed due to renovation work. Re-opening on June 6, 2024, 7 pm.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

mumok conceives itself as a place of lively debate on modern and contemporary art.

The type of art that gets involved, highlights fractures and upheavals in our society, subverts long-established conventions, prompts us to respond, expands our imagination, and facilitates new perspectives.

mumok thinks and acts internationally and globally like no other museum in Austria, not just in its exhibitions but also in its collection and research activities. In doing so mumok unites the emerging scene with the established, and local with international art. mumok attaches great importance to challenging and diverse exhibitions, to the continual expansion, reinterpretation, and conservation of the collection, to multilingual publications, and to lectures, discussions, and film screenings in the mumok cinema.


mumok breaks down barriers: it’s where diverse cultural groups and people all ages can come together and engage with each other. It’s an intersection where artists and art lovers alike can approach art in all its contradictions and facets. Where creative concepts in education and communication with the public are continually being developed and implemented.


A visit to mumok enriches our knowledge, sensitizes us to a changed and more sustainable way of thinking and acting, and allows contemplation, aesthetic experience, and critical reflection. A visit to mumok can inspire us to experience the new and surprising as well as facilitate an enjoyable examination of art.


mumok’s staff members are motivated, friendly, and open-minded and always strive to update and build on their expertise. Their level of knowledge is a mirror to the latest developments in research. They are aware of their responsibilities and embrace new challenges while cultivating a constructive, cooperative working environment.


mumok is committed to a working culture of appreciation, equal opportunities, and transparency. Whether among each other as a team or with the museum visitors, the staff’s communication is one informed by openness, respect, and trust.



Corporate culture

Compared to the other Austrian federal museums, mumok is a relatively young museum.

Collegial and cooperative interaction and the maintenance and cultivation of a pleasant working environment are at the forefront of the efforts of all employees. Our working conditions are particularly characterized by high quality standards, intrinsic motivation, personal commitment and idealism.

Every single employee at mumok makes an important contribution with his or her work to fulfilling the socio-political mission of our institution, which is seen as an essential part of our corporate culture.