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Ausstellungsansicht: Hugo Canoilas

Feministisch Betrachtet – Hugo Canoilas

April 19, 2021

Mikki Muhr takes a feminist look at Hugo Canoila's work

Buntes Gesicht auf grünem Grund

Spot on: Ladies and Gentlemen

April 16, 2021

A sample from our mumok children's audio guide – by children for children

Ausstellungsansicht: Gelebt. Ingeborg Strobl

Concert for Ingeborg

April 14, 2021

As part of the retrospective of Ingeborg Strobl, the mumok invited to a "Concert for Ingeborg", which now, four years after the artist's death, was to be a memorial concert, which took place without an audience—due to corona—but is nevertheless available for posterity as a video recording

Ein Paar goldene Schuhe

mumok APPetizer – Shoes for a Wedding Ceremony

April 12, 2021

A sample from our currently unfortunately closed exhibition DEFROSTING THE ICEBOX Guesting at mumok: The Hidden Treasures of the Collection of Greek and Roman Antiquities of the Kunsthistorisches Museum and Weltmuseum Wien

Ein gebasteltes haus aus Papier

A room for me alone

April 9, 2021

You are at home and feel like doing something? Your fingers are already tingling? Then we have an idea for you: A room for me alone

Ausstellungsansicht, MISFITTING TOGETHER. Serielle Formationen der Pop Art, Minimal Art und Conceptual Art

mumok APPetizer – Robert Smithson

April 5, 2021

A sample from the currently unfortunately closed exhibition MISFITTING TOGETHER Serial Formations of Pop Art, Minimal Art and Conceptual Art

selbstgemachter Fluffy Slime

Fluffy Slime

April 2, 2021

You are at home and feel like doing something? Your fingers are already tingling? Then we have an idea for you: Fluffy Slime

Ausstellungsansicht: Gelebt. Ingeborg Strobl

Virtual exhibition tour

March 31, 2021

Virtual exhibition tour through Having Lived – Ingeborg Strobl.

Die Eingangstüre zum Hansi Cafe

Hans Schabus. Gruß aus der Kiste 9

March 30, 2021

A Cafe Hansi playlist for the Pandemic Annual Thursday by Hans Schabus.

Buchcover: Rotes kleines a

a, A Novel by Andy Warhol

March 29, 2021

mumok librarian Simone Moser on the art book by Andy Warhol

Zeichnung von zwei Kindern aus unserem Kindersaalfolder


March 26, 2021

Until summer, the Flowers will make the staircase a particularly colorful place. Andy Warhol would certainly be amazed. Keep Blooming!

Handyansicht mit verschiedenen Fotos: Garten, Hand die von Sraydose eingefärbt wird

Speculations on the Unseen

March 24, 2021

Thoughts by young U.S. artist Jesse Stecklow on things that encompass us all, yet remain hidden