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Yesterday, Today, Today

Schloss Buchberg near Gars am Kamp is known as an art space and venue for discussions thanks to the collectors Gertraud and Dieter Bogner. This originally medieval castle has been successfully used as a dynamic stage for the exploration of contemporary art since the 1970s. Set in an idyllic landscape and with great historical ambience, Schloss Buchberg is now a venue for contemporary art in the tradition of an enlightened modernism. Since the beginning, Gertraud and Dieter Bogner’s art collection and their projects, were shaped by references to architecture and to a reduced and concentrated or abstract language of forms, as well as an interest in works based on linguistic analysis and new media technologies. They have always wanted to show that abstract art in particular is able to negotiate concrete content and that pure forms can prove to be metaphors for history and politics.

The exhibition presents works installed indoors and outdoors by eight artists transforming the landscape and the castle’s architecture with its rooms into venues of presentation and artistic intervention. The walls of the castle form a border that is not only a division between inside and outside, but also a constitutive element in a process of mediation between historical substance and present realities.

This exhibition is a joint project by Gertraud and Dieter Bogner and mumok. Participating artists were selected in collaboration with both collectors, the mumok director and curators.

Martin Beck , Michael Beutler, Josef Dabernig, Nikita Kadan, Hanne Lippard, Ulrike Müller, Nicole Six / Paul Petritsch, Sofie Thorsen




Tuesday, April 10, 2018