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When entering the walk-on artwork Giant Billiard there is a danger of injury, caused by collisions, falling, stumbling, or twisted ankles. Please follow these safety instructions at all times:
• Beware of the danger of tripping over the side ropes.
• Follow the instructions of museum staff at all times.
• Visitors must be physically fit enough to enter and leave the artwork without assistance.
• Pointed objects (e.g. keys), shoes, bags, food, and electronic equipment (telephones, tablets, etc.) must not be used on or brought onto the artwork. You can deposit these items in a locker.
• No more than 20 persons may enter the artwork at any one time.
• It is strictly forbidden to jump while holding hands or to bump into other persons.
• Children under 120 cm may not enter the artwork. Children may only enter the artwork with an accompanying adult. Parents or accompanying adults are liable for their children.
• Accompanying supervisors of school classes must be present at all times.
You enter this artwork at your own risk. mumok accepts no liability for the above-mentioned risks.