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Ute Müller

Kapsch Contemporary Art Prize 2018

Ute Müller creates installations that place paintings, objects, and architecture into a dynamic interplay, breaking away from stale concepts of the work of art and forms of perception. Walls and plinths are removed from their usual architectural functions as frames and backdrops, themselves becoming motifs that shape both work and its perception, while images and objects recall real everyday matters in spite of their high degree of abstraction.
The walls that are "hung" in the exhibition are no longer mere backdrops for works of art, but works in their own right. By transforming walls from props to exhibition objects, Ute Müller makes the fragile and fleeting nature of seemingly "normal" ways of seeing and evaluating tangible. This confusing game with convention is a precise and strategic reorientation of perception. 

Curated by Rainer Fuchs



Tuesday, August 07, 2018