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Ulrike Müller

Always, Always, Others

Via the work of New York based artist Ulrike Müller, this book reflects the forms that encounters with the “other" can take.  In her work, Müller grapples with fundamental problems of modernism, particularly with the emancipatory promises that have been associated with abstraction. Her images appropriate the vocabulary of modernist abstraction – including its history of exclusions, blind spots, and unfulfilled promises. Always, Always, Others explores this “other” history by staging a dialogue between works of classical modernism and works from the eclectic 1970s, which makes classical modernism look remarkably “unclassical” and astonishingly contemporary. Beneath the surface of abstraction and figuration, lurk bodies under pressure, metamorphoses, folklorisms, and the play of textiles and tectonics. 

Edited by: Manuela Ammer, Karen Kelly, and Barbara Schröder
Texts by:

Manuela Ammer, Rachel Haidu, and Ulrike Müller

Dimensions: 19 x 26.6 cm
Volume: 96 pages
Images: numerous illustrations
Language: english
ISBN: ISBN 978-0-9853377-8-0
Publisher: Dancing Foxes Press 2017
Costs: € 19,–