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Offers to People from Ukraine

mumok – Museum für Moderne Kunst stands for peace and condemns the war against Ukraine. People with a Ukrainian passport therefore enjoy free admission to mumok and can also participate in a broad educational program which is free of charge.


Open Studio Workshop for Ukrainian Children and their Families

In our open studio workshop we first visit the current exhibitions and then go to mumok studio to worktogether. While exploring different artistic techniques and materials, participants will be able to create their own works of art.

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mumok Women's Choir

The choir is for women from different cultures and social strata who simply want to enjoy singing. Prior knowledge or particular talent are not required. Together with choir director Diana Rasina the women simply test out their own voices. The choir sings well-known folk songs in all the languages that the members themselves bring along. Often, after the choir rehearsals the women visit the present exhibitions at the museum and talk about the art they see.

Interested women can get register by e-mail at 


Open Art Workshop at mumok studio

One Friday a month, we invite interested people of all origins and languages, with and without a migration background, to work artistically in a practical way and thereby get to know different perspectives and opinions and broaden horizons. This offer is aimed at interested individuals as well as groups and (voluntary) organizations that support people and accompany them in everyday life.

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