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  • Omer Fast

Spielberg's List

2-channel video installation, color, sound, 65 min
erworben mit Unterstützung von Telekom Austria/acquired with support of Telekom Austria 2006
Inventory number: MAV 12/0

In the course of filming Steven Spielberg's "Schindler's List," a true-to-detail copy of a concentration camp near Krakow was built directly next to the former concentration camp itself; the replica was not taken down after filming was completed. Today, the two now run-down camps exude an enormous fascination, and are a popular stop on the "Schindler's List" tours that regularly take place here. In his two-channel video "Spielberg's List," Omer Fast cuts, combines, and confronts shots of the two camps with excerpts of films made during one of these tours and interviews with locals who had been extras in "Schindler's List." Their own memories of the historical events are mixed here with descriptions of the events in the film, leading together with the additional film material to a multi-layered engagement with the status of historical experience and the relationship between reality and representation. History thus proves an unfathomable compound of memory and fiction, imagination and facticity.