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Simon Denny

mumok Edition

Philips CD Interactive Peacekeeper Revolver Packaging Reproduction, 2013
Silkscreen on cardboard
9.6 x 11.6 x 2.4‘‘
Edition: 7 + 3 AP
€ 1.300,–

Simon Denny’s art explores the significance and the transience of technology in our society. His edition Philips CD Interactive Peacekeeper Revolver Packing Reproduction is based on the design of an obsolete Philips games console package that he scanned and silkscreen printed on folded card to create a “remake.” The artist does not show the console itself but a fake of its original box with no content and with visible traces of use. This work is both a silkscreen print and a sculpture, and it is not a readymade, but rather simulates or reconstructs an object from everyday popular culture and develops its own aesthetic in a new context.

Simon Denny was born in 1982 in Auckland and lives in Berlin. In 2012 he was awarded the Baloise Art Prize and he presented a solo exhibition at mumok in 2013, in which he addressed the Kim Dotcom mega-upload affair in a large installation.