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The Animal Within – Creatures in (and outside) the mumok Collection

The mumok collection contains nearly five hundred works related to animals—a considerable quantity that raises the question of what kind of zoo the museum in fact is. What is kept, researched, and displayed both here and there to protect “wild life” and the “freedom of art”? And in whose interest?

The Animal Within...

mumok Ansicht

“nominated . . .” Vordemberge-Gildewart Award 2022

Each year, the Vordemberge-Gildewart Foundation awards a grant worth 60,000 Swiss francs (about 58,000 euros) to support an artist under the age of 35. The Vordemberge-Gildewart Award is thus the highest-paying award for young talent in Europe. In line with the philosophy of Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart, the prize money is not...

Marina Abramovic, Ulay Breathing in – Breathing out, 1977


Departing from the focuses of the mumok collections on the avant-garde of the 1960s and 1970s as well as conceptual and socio-analytic approaches in contemporary art, the exhibition Collaborations examines diverse strategies of collective authorship. The exhibition builds a bridge spanning from the smallest to the largest...

Emília Rigová Who will play for me?

Emília Rigová. Who will play for me?

In her exhibition Who will play for me, the artist Emília Rigová, born in Slovakia, explores the history and the present-day experiences of the Roma. In an installation with pianos she refers to the musical heritage of the Roma and the tensions between self-image and external perception that this music embodies.


Cindy Sherman Untitled # 464, 2008

On Stage. All the Art World's a Stage

With On Stage. All the Art World's a Stage mumok presents an exhibition devoted to theatrical and stage-related forms of expression in art since the 1960s. A neo-avant-garde critical of tradition began focusing in those years on performative and actionist art forms that lent artists a stage-like presence, often in front of an...

Adam Pendleton  Black Dada (A/A), 2019

Adam Pendleton

mumok will present a comprehensive solo exhibition of the New York-based artist Adam Pendleton, who is known for paintings, drawings, and other works animated by what the artist calls “Black Dada,” a visual project and ever-evolving inquiry into the relationships between blackness, abstraction, and the avant-garde. Using letters,...

Nilbar Güreş Contaminated Pina Colada, 2021

mixed up with others before we even begin

The exhibition mixed up with others before we even begin investigates models of thinking and working that reconcile different, sometimes contradictory entities within contemporary visual culture. Current artistic positions enter into a dialogue with selected works from the mumok collection and objects from the collections of...

Jesse Stecklow Terminal mumok

Jesse Stecklow. Terminal

The collection, analysis, and circulation of ecological data, often invisible to the human eye, is at the core of Jesse Stecklow’s artistic practice. The Los Angeles-based artist (b. 1993) works with a precisely defined repertoire of objects that oscillate between image, text and sound. His sculptures enter into a dialogue with their...