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mumok insider

Tips and current contributions from the mumok team and friends of the house

From Autonomy Toward Shared Situations | Interview with Karin Harrasser

December 14, 2022

Karin Harrasser, professor at the Kunstuniversität Linz, has curated the symposium The Virtues of Vulnerability together with mumok curator Franz Thalmair. In the interview, Harrasser talks about contamination, purity, and an "age of weakness."

We welcome our new neighbours: MusikTheater an der Wien at MuseumsQuartier

December 12, 2022

MusikTheater an der Wien opened its doors in the MuseumsQuartier at the beginning of October. Reason enough for us to celebrate the new neighborhood and our focus "Creative Learning" and to bring image and sound especially close together in transdisciplinary mediation projects.

Appliying Feminisms | Animal* Within*

December 9, 2022

On December 18, 2022, Mikki Muhr is inviting art historian Susanne Lummerding to the exhibition The Animal Within for a live conversation on differences, norms, and power relations. Read a small preview here.

60 Years mumok | Part 2: The 1970ies

November 30, 2022

In six chapters, chief curator Rainer Fuchs illuminates each decade of the mumok's eventful 60-year history. The second part deals with the nineteen-seventies and the direction of Alfred Schmeller.

Tierkreis für Kinder: Junge Musik in der mumok Matinee petite

November 11, 2022

Under the title mumok Matinees, we have been presenting music in the exhibition rooms on Sunday mornings. At Matinee petite on November 20, young musicians play the cycle Zodiac. Zwele Melodies of the Zodiac by Karlheinz Stockhausen in the exhibition The Animal Within

The Animal Within | On Wolpertingers in the Cemetery Fog: Animals in Fashion

November 1, 2022

Fashion journalist Daniel Kalt on animals in fashion, fur creations on All Soul's Day and the transfer function of animalistic clothing.

60 years mumok | Part 1: The 1960ies at Schweizergarten

October 30, 2022

In six chapters, chief curator Rainer Fuchs illuminates each decade of mumok's 60-year, eventful history. Find out about the opening of the Museum des 20. Jahrhunderts at Vienna's Schweizergarten in the first part of the series.

Freiräume – eine Kooperation zwischen mumok und dem Verein Dialog

October 21, 2022

The project Freiräume (Free Spaces) is a cooperation between Verein Dialog, an organization for ambulant addiction care in Austria and mumok, which came into being in 2009 as part of Kulturtransfair.

The Animal Within | Come Play with Me: Play and Animal Sculptures in the City of Vienna

October 18, 2022

Polar bears, cats, elephants, horses and owls: In Vienna, there are many an animal to discover in public spaces and in the open spaces of municipal buildings. An essay by Stefanie Reisinger.

Obituary for Isolde Maria Joham

October 14, 2022

With the passing of Isolde Maria Joham the Austrian art scene has lost a pioneer with great contemporary import.