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Mission Statement

mumok sees itself as a place for lively exploration of modern and contemporary art. This is art that gets involved and points out the ruptures and transformations in our society, that undermines tried and tested rituals, that makes us more sensitive and expands our imagination, that facilitates new ways of seeing.

Like no other Austrian museum mumok both thinks and acts internationally—as a collector and in research. In these activities, mumok combines the young scene with the established, and domestic with international art. mumok lays great store on challenging and diverse exhibitions, on the continuous expansion, reinterpretation, and maintenance of our collection, on multilingual publications, and lectures, debates, and film programs in the mumok kino.

mumok takes down barriers. It is a place where the most diverse cultural groups and people of all ages can meet and exchange ideas and experience. It is an interface where artists and everyone interested in art can come up close to art with all its contradictions and multiple facets. mumok continually develops and implements creative ideas in art education and communication with the public.

A visit to mumok makes a difference to our everyday consumer behavior. A visit to mumok can further contemplation, aesthetic experience, and critical reflection. A visit to mumok is exciting—art can be enjoyed here.

Staff at mumok are motivated, friendly, open-minded, and always ready to update and expand their skills. Our knowledge is at the forefront of developments in research. We work constructively together, are aware of our responsibilities, and face up to new challenges.

mumok is committed to a culture of equal opportunity and transparency. Communication between staff as a team and with museum visitors is open, respectful and trusting.