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Mark Dion

The Tar Museum

During the mumok exhibition Natural Histories. Traces of the Political, Mark Dion is showing The Tar Museum in the nearby Vienna Natural History Museum. This work displays stuffed and tarred animals on transportation boxes, offering a picture of nature destroyed that also highlights a specific phenomenon of perception and repression. It is not only a critique of economics and ecological and environmental catastrophes that is at stake here, but also the fact that it is only the macabre black of the tar that makes us aware of death and the act of killing, and not the mere presentation of stuffed animals. Dion is especially interested in this aspect, as he raises our awareness of how we internalize and accept techniques in archiving and museum presentation that simulate life where death long reigns.

Combined ticket mumok and Natural History Museum Vienna:

Normal: 18 €
senior citizens: €14
students: € 10,50
Vienna Card: € 14,50

With annual passes:
€ 8 instead of € 10 with the annual pass of mumok for NHM Vienna
€ 9 instead of € 9 with the annual pass of NHM Vienna for mumok

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