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Kathi Hofer & Dan Solbach

Cruise Collection

Kathi Hofer & Dan Solbach
Cruise Collection, 2016
Boiled New Wool, embroidery on cotton
Sizes S / M / L 
Stamped & numbered
Edition: 10 + 8 AP
€ 150,–

A pair of rare vintage ‘Original’ Hofer slipper socks that comes with an appliquéd care label, and an exclusive logo design by Dan Solbach for Hofer. Cruise Collection is tailor-made for the more advanced travellers who like to go on cruises in the cold winter months, and who shop for light apparel at a time when fall/winter collections are in the stores. They will, however warm the temperatures to be expected at their holiday destinations, equally brace themselves for cool nights, or unexpected cold spells.

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