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Guided Tours

Guided tours all around mumok, general tours and theme tours (in German): join in, gain information, discuss what you see and hear.

General Overview Tours

Overview tours of the exhibitions and the mumok collection (in German)
Thursdays, 19:00 (in association with our Art on Thursdays program)
Sundays, 12:00

Seated Tour

Seated overview tour of the exhibitions and the mumok collection (in German)
Saturdays, 14:00

Tour in English

Join us for a guided tour in English through mumok’s exhibitions and collection presentation.
Saturdays, 16:00

Focus on

Tour through a certain exhibition or collection presentation (in German)
Sundays, 14:00

Free participation in all tours for exhibition visitors.

  • Free Participation Provided by
  • Free Admission up to the Age of 19

Individual Tours