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Random Play with Songs from the Forthcoming Album Sir

FISCHERSPOONER announces a one-night only endurance performance and world premiere listening party entitled One on One/Random Play. At this intimate event, Casey Spooner invites one person at a time into the Sir exhibition at mumok. Each audience member will enter into a private and unique dialog with him while hearing songs from the new FISCHERSPOONER album Sir. Visitors will encounter Casey Spooner not only as a listening partner but also as a sculptural object, reiterating the exhibition’s idea of the body as currency and brand: a blank canvas waiting to be used.

Visitors will be allocated a time period for their personal meeting with Spooner at the entrance to the exhibition.

The Album

Sir was made with REM frontman Michael Stipe and Beyoncé producer Boots, and will come out in 2018 on the New York electro label Ultra Records. So far the single Have Fun Tonight has been released from the album. On the day of this performace a second single entitled Togetherness will be released. This performance is a continuation of the FISCHERSPOONER installation created for mumok, and performance, exhibition, and the album Sir all raise questions about the borders between private and public space. Where does the private end? Where does the public begin? And in which intermediate spaces do we operate? 


Monday, October 02, 2017