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Sofie Thorsen

View, Cut

Wednesday, April 29, 2015, 19:00

Sofie Thorsen’s works often concern concrete places, specific territories and their spaces. For the program, View, Cut, the artist combines her own works with films by Hannes Böck and Armando Andrade Tudela. From her own oeuvre she will be presenting the films The Achromatic Island and Schnitt A-A’  along with the drawings Schlagschatten (Drehbuch oder Partitur). In different ways these works all deal with observing and depicting places. What they have in common is light as both the central narrative figure and the prerequisite for seeing and image production. Observing landscape, architecture and sculpture is also the subject of works by Hannes Böck and Armando Andrade Tudela. Following the screening Sofie Thorsen and Hannes Böck will be talking about very specific places, how abstract images are the final result and how concrete stories become visual cyphers.

Film Program

Armando Andrade Tudela, UNSCH/Pikimachay, 2012, 11 min
Sofie Thorsen, The Achromatic Island, 2010, 15 min
Hannes Böck, Niches Cut into Bedrock at Sacsayhuamán, Cusco and Inca Stone Quarry at Cachicata, Ollantaytambo, 2011, 9 min
Sofie Thorsen, Schnitt A-A’, 2012, 5 min

Followed by a conversation with Sofie Thorsen & Hannes Böck

Sofie Thorsen lives in Vienna. Exhibitions (selection): Sofie Thorsen, Galerie Krobath, Vienna (2014); Spielplastiken, tresor, Kunstforum Vienna (2013); Schnitt A-A’, Kunsthaus Graz (2012).

Hannes Böck lives in Vienna. Exhibitions (selection): Hannes Böck, Secession, Vienna (2013); Las Encantadas, Galerie Krobath, Vienna and Berlin (2012); New Hefei, Galerie Krobath Wimmer, Vienna (2008).

€ 6 / reduced € 4,50