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Sascha Reichstein

Unfolding Formats

Wednesday, December 05, 2018, 19:00

This program presents films that use the camera to explore the theme of textiles, and in particular address the visual and filmic means that textiles can offer. The films selected look at aspects of movement and transformation, formation and rhythm, ordering and archiving, and the repetition of gestures and actions. The uses of textiles are visualized in very different ways. In Johannes Schweiger’s Excavation (Goodbye to All That), for example, everyday jeans clothes are treated in ways that normally would be reserved for the handling of textiles in archives. In Patterns of the Conquerors textiles in a pattern book are made accessible via film, by being removed from their original contexts and cut up. The origins and cultural affiliation of patterns are thereby questioned. Dóra Maurer uses a piece of cloth as a measuring and pattern standard in relation to her own body and the format of film, while in Puce Moment Kenneth Anger explores the relations between textile and the body as a form of appropriation. In Temps/Travail, by contrast, the theme is filmic rhythm and the contexts of cultural and social production and work processes. These films thus come together through their interest in specific topics that run through the whole program like a golden thread.


Sascha Reichstein, The Production of Tradition, 2009, 19 channel work, 2 min each (in the white space)
Tartans of the Scottish Clans, 1906, 2 min
Sascha Reichstein, Patterns of the Conquerors, 2017, 21 min
Dóra Maurer, Timing, 1973/1980, 11 min
Johannes Schweiger, Excavation (Goodbye to All That), 2012, 15 min
Kenneth Anger, Puce Moment, 1949, 6 min
Johan van der Keuken, Temps/Travail, 2000, 11 min

Presented by Sascha Reichstein, followed by a discussion with Carla Gabriela Engler

Sascha Reichstein lives in Vienna. She is a fine artist, fimmaker, and teacher. Exhibitions/festivals (selection): CineMigrante, Buenos Aires (2018); 64th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (2018); VIDEONALE.scope #6, Bonn (2018); WOW! WOVEN? ENTERING THE (SUB) TEXTILES, Halle für Kunst und Medien, Graz (2015); VIEWPOINTS ON FOLKLORE, Austrian Cultural Forum, London, (2013).

Carla Gabriela Engler lives in Zuich. She is writing her doctorate at the Seminar for Film Studies at the University of Zurich. In her doctoral project (Fabricated Standards: Exhibitions of Textile and Filmic Practices of Formatting) in the context of the research project Exhibiting Film. Challenges of Format) she is researching contemporary artistic positions within the media constalletion of film and textiles that explore formatting processes in the industrial and postindustrial age and practices of standarization, norming, and scaling in the context of trade relations.

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