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Philipp Fleischmann


Wednesday, October 18, 2017, 19:00

Philipp Fleischmann’s artistic practice can be situated in the fields of the fine arts and film. He is certainly interested in the institutional logics and mechanisms (sometimes different, often comparable) into which he repeatedly intervenes as a protagonist. Questions of access also play a key role. For his strategies replete with institutional critique, Fleischmann has developed a formal idiom that is completely bound to analogue film. His works, such as those that were made in art institutions, picture these spaces via a photographical procedure and then transfer these into a filmic temporal sequence. In philipp fleischmann 2012/2013, the principle of the “gift“ is applied, when a 16mm film reel is left behind at openings or premières, thus initiating open-ended processes. This not only addresses institutional structures, but also the increasingly precarious process of making and distributing analogue film.


Philipp Fleischmann,
philipp fleischmann 2012/2013, 2012/2013, zwölf 16mm-Filme, Farbe oder S/W, ohne Ton, jeweils 3 min
Main Hall, 2013, 35mm-Farbfilm, ohne Ton, 5 min 8 s
The Invisible Cinema 3, 2017, 16mm-Farbfilm, ohne Ton, 36 s
Untitled (Generali Foundation Vienna), 2015, 16mm-Farbfilm, ohne Ton, 34 s
mumok kino, 2017, 35mm-Farbfilm, ohne Ton, 1 min 20 s

Book presentation: Philipp Fleischmann. Main Hall, edited by Philipp Fleischmann and Georgia Holz, with texts by Alejandro Bachmann, Georgia Holz, and Michael Sicinski, VfmK Verlag für moderne Kunst, 2017

Presented by Philipp Fleischmann and Georgia Holz

Philipp Fleischmann lives in Vienna. Exhibitions/festivals (selection): Installation Views, Belmacz Mayfair, London (2017); Untitled (Generali Foundation Vienna), One Work Gallery, Vienna (2015); Berlinale Forum Expanded (2014); Wavelengths, Toronto International Film Festival (2010).

Georgia Holz is an art historian and freelance curator and editor working in Vienna. From 2006 to 2015 she was assistant curator at the Generali Foundation Vienna.

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