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Julian Turner and Emanuel Mauthe (Extraplan) in Conversation with Klaus Speidel (University of Vienna)

Thursday, February 22, 2018, 19:00

Julian Turner is interested in everyday aesthetics, in the shoddy, the fake as well as in lovingly made decorations for empty shop windows, in creative décor for snack bars, and in marble wallpapers. In short, he is interested in Solutions, which is also the title of the catalogue he produced in conjunction with the Kapsch Contemporary Art Prize in 2017. It is less a catalogue than an autonomous work. It adds to and complements the exhibition, providing references and combining views of the artist’s works with photographs of the things he discovers. What is the relationship between his own creations and the popular aesthetics of his sources? How does the design of this book relate to the scenography of the exhibition? What were the results of working with graphic designer Emanuel Mauthe from Extraplan Vienna? What were the most significant design decisions? The artist and the designer will discuss these questions with philosopher and art critic Klaus Speidel, who has also written a catalogue contribution about Turner’s work.

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