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Filmscreening: César Vayssié

Ne travaille pas (1968-2018)

Thursday, August 08, 2019, 19:00



netra vaillepas (c) cesar vayssie

Elsa and Gabriel. Her love, her life together, her study of art in Paris. The rhythm of days and nights, the images on Youtube or Facebook, the signs of the streets, the movements of a society in the storm of change: In Ne travaille pas (1968 - 2018), the French director César Vayssié has realized an exciting cinematic choreography, which composes our present as a flood of scenes, pictures, graffiti, advertising, news snippets. In 1968 someone scribbled on a wall at the Sorbonne, "La culture est la inversion de la vie". Fifty years later, Elsa and Gabriel prepare their lives as artists. We follow them breathlessly: a rush in 88 minutes, which nonetheless draws an extremely precise picture of the present (not only) French society.

Duration: 88 min

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