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Agnes Fuchs

Her Eyes Were Green

May 5 to October 8, 2023

Agnes Fuchs employs painting, videos, and installations as means to reconfigure the scientific and technological instruments and processes that paved the way for contemporary digital technologies. Operating instructions, functional descriptions, and manuals for oscilloscopes, computers, power supply units, or measuring devices serve as the departure point for her work. By analyzing the cultural implications of these communication media, her artistic practice intervenes in a historical field as well as the afterimages it continues to produce today.

Fuchs uses and transforms her source material—not only the technological devices themselves but also their prevalent, disseminated forms. She creates depictions of images that are stored and circulate (often unconsciously) in collective memory. The materiality of painting counters the digital simulacrum or virtuality of circulating images and narratives with a sensory physical experience.

Curated by Franz Thalmair