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COPE -Community Work, Participation and Empowerment

Art brings people together

We are living in a time in which racism and Islamophobia in various forms are also on the rise in Europe. With COPE we wish to counteract hate and prejudice. Mumok is a meeting place, where people from different cultures, communities, and levels of society come together and collectively take part in creative activities. The focus of these encounters is dialogue and exchange, verbal or non-verbal, about artworks and concepts of artistic works, and our aim is to dispel prejudices and fears through common action. 

Within the framework of the COPE project, mumok is offers a space where ideas, experiences, but also fears and prejudices all have a place. The joint activities take place on an equal footing with art educators and other colleagues at the museum. We have developed methods to enable us to work together better, to talk and get to know and understand each other better. With COPE we want to make a consequential and above all long-lasting contribution to living in harmony.

Current projects

World Views
World Views is an invitation by mumok to a monthly public workshop, offering people of all origins, whether with a migrant background or not, to come together and take part in exchanges in a creative space. All those wishing to participate are welcome—also on a regular basis. During the three-hour workshop, participants first get to know each other before embarking on a short tour of one of the current exhibitions. Afterwards, during the joint creative work in the mumok Atelier, you will have the opportunity to become acquainted with different world views, to broaden your horizons, to develop new ideas, and to forge new friendships. Our intention is not for the “stranger” to be integrated into an existing system but rather to create enrichment from all sides.

In this workshop format, art provides an initial incentive through which many of the participants take their first step in exchanging tales of their lives and experiences in Austria. We focus on communication and getting to know each other in an informal way. Yet often is doesn’t take a lot of words to get acquainted. Those who wish to do so can also completely switch off while working separately in peace and simply forget their everyday worries. Over the course of the afternoon, exceptional artworks emerge in the shortest of time—each one as unique as the stories of the people who created them.

Singing at mumok
Women from different cultures and social groups who all share a love of singing are meeting up— in compliance with all the current safety regulations. Prior knowledge or special talents are not required. Together with choir leader Diana Rasina, it’s about giving it a try and getting to know songs from different cultures and languages that can bring us together. Women are raising their voices! Currently outdoors, but hopefully back in the mumok exhibition halls soon. Everyone is welcome to join in.

Sport at mumok, why not? With the Latar Do master Adam Bisaev, we invite you to become acquainted at a joint training session on 7 November at mumok’s Imperial Stables. Latar Do was developed in Austria and is a mix of karate, judo, boxing, and jujitsu, a sport of many cultures and traditions. No prior knowledge or special level of fitness is required to take part: we work with our bodies, at a distance and with respect, and try out new movements. Afterwards we make a brief stopover in mumok. Minimum age 16.

Read your story
In collaboration with, we invite you to our read-aloud day: the world is full of stories, and some of these are told through art. is a platform that collects histories and experiences and encourages everyone to become the author of their own story. Instead of reading aloud in a virtual space, we invite you to do so before artworks at mumok. In just one day, we fill mumok with stories to listen to and share in.

With this project we wish not only to invite diverse communities to the museum but also offer the opportunity to get advice if needed: regarding filling out official forms, official channels, or finding out the correct contact person for different concerns. This can be arranged with Frau Mares-Altinok either by telephone on 0043 699 10010822 or by email at

Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 preventative measures, we have had to put our activities on hold for the time being. You may still write to us or call us if you are interested. Please do not hesitate to contact us for information on the next dates!

COPE is a two-year project financed by the European Social Fund and run in cooperation with CARITAS DER ERZDIÖZESE WIEN – HILFE IN NOT; NOMADA, Poland; MAREENA, Slovakia; and mumok Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien, Vienna.

Project time frame: February 2020–end of January 2022

Stefanie Fischer, Beate Hartmann, Ivan Jurica, Ümit Mares-Altinok, Mikki Muhr, Patrick Puls, Jörg Wolfert

Funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality