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Cécile B. Evans

AMOS‘ WORLD: Episode One

In her work, American–Belgian artist Cécile B. Evans examines the significance and role of emotion in contemporary societies while looking at the increasing influence of new technologies on our feelings and actions. For her solo show at mumok, Cécile B. Evans presents a re-configuration of the work AMOS’ WORLD: Episode One. In total, three episodes are planned of which Episode Two is currently in the making.
AMOS’ WORLD is a three-part television series that takes place in a socially progressive housing estate inspired by famous Brutalist housing complexes such as Le Corbusier’s Unités d’Habitation in cities like Marseille, Berlin, and Nantes-Rezé (1952—57), Alison and Peter Smithson’s Robin Hood Gardens in London (1972), and Moshe Safdie’s Habitat 67 in Montreal (1967). The aim was to encourage perfect individual-communal living communes for the capitalist age—yet they nearly always failed, as people did not conform to the behaviors envisioned by the architects.

An exclusive artist’s edition will be released on the occasion of the exhibition.

Curated by Marianne Dobner



Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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