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  • Hans Schabus

Cafe Hansi

Luminous sign, doormat, lift truck, euro pallet, beer crates, wood, aluminum, ladder, studio door, brass sign, active speakers, lashing straps, cables, cable drum, recessed luminaires, light bulbs, fuse box, electrical accessories, refrigerators, plastic pipes, wastewater pump station, fan, mounting materials, 139 loose objects, tinned steel plates, steel, mirrors, air curtain, ventilation grilles, door fittings, strip curtain, coat hooks, stainless steel sink, kitchen fitting, electric boiler, shelf angles, glass, porcelain tumblers, iPod, kitchenware, toilet with sink, toilet utensils, mineral water, beverages, wallet
129.92 inch x 118.11 inch x 275.59 inch
erworben mit Unterstützung des mumok Boards und aus Erlösen des Fundraisingdinners/acquired with support of mumok Board and support of a Fundraisingdinner 2016
Inventory number: P 698/0

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