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Wolfgang Tillmans, Moon in Earthlight

mumok live

Wolfgang Tillmans’s debut album Moon in Earthlight was released in November 2021. It can be heard and seen  as a sound-and-video installation in the current mumok exhibition Sound Is Fluid. The title Moon in Earthlight describes a phenomenon that is visible a few days before and after a new moon. The thin crescent of the moon appears as a full circle, because light that does not come directly from the sun, but is reflected back from the Earth, falls on and slightly brightens the dark face of the moon. The allusion to this so-called “earthshine” in the title of the artist’s debut album also reflects his first great love of astronomy. Moon in Earthlight is a unique and very diverse 53-minute work with 19 tracks. Tillmans’s album is a composition of differences: a collage of sounds, field recordings, text, studio jam sessions, live recordings, voices, soundscapes, and instrumental arrangements that leave plenty of space to listen and to breathe.